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Certified Innovation Professional CInP - Presence

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Place: Muscat,

Sultanate of Oman Course type: 4 days in attendance

Course language: Arabic

First day: Saturday 10 am - 4 pm

About the lecturer: M. Abdul Wahed Saad Al-Ghanim


Course Overview

Course themes and topics CInP-related training

is designed to give an understanding of a number of foundational topics in innovation and innovation management, including: business innovation fundamentals, the different types of innovation that organizations offer, and profiles of the different types of innovators: understanding imagination, creativity, idea generation, and brainstorming mentality, how to drive innovation projects within organizations, using insight research to serve innovation purposes, what is design thinking, and storytelling; The evaluation and selection of ideas, the innovation management process, the role of leaders of innovation programs, and the role of leaders of innovation projects.

Foundation - basic concepts of innovation

What and Why Innovation

- Innovation Methods The role of design in innovation Finding Needs

- Structures and roles of innovation in business ventures



Tactical innovation and innovation professional Innovation Professional

- Project management at the front end of innovation Project management in the center and back area of ​​​​innovation Innovation of services 

products Innovation in customer experience business model design

Innovation Department and Innovation Manager Innovation Manager

- Leading Institutional Innovation innovation management system Leading interaction 

engagement Use of innovation workshops Benefiting from open innovation Creating spaces for innovation




Course Circullum

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